Update on Montavilla Neighborhood Foot Patrols

Montavilla public safety foot patrols have seen a resurgence over the last few weeks after a year-long hiatus. Montavilla Initiative is coordinating these neighborhood foot patrols, which bring neighbors together across the Montavilla Neighborhood to add visibility and use best practices outlined in the Office of Neighborhood Involvement Crime Prevention Programs Foot Patrol Manual. Alongside our petition efforts, these actions have been highly effective in deterring crime and addressing livability issues in hotspots around the Montavilla Neighborhood.

In addition to discouraging crime, neighbors participating in these patrols work to gain better insight into who is living outside in our neighborhood and why. If campers are safe to approach, the patrols use the opportunity to find out whether they are seeking housing or other services and to connect them with what they need.  The patrols also report hazardous sanitary conditions or criminal activity. The patrols also take note of the service-resistant squatters and talk to them about the reasons they should relocate.

Our foot patrols have received broad support from neighbors across the neighborhood from every walk of life. We hear from neighbors living near camps and crime hotspots that they are regularly victims of property crimes and hostile behavior. They appreciate our efforts and recognize that it is starting to help.

We envision a public safety program where neighbors feel safe walking through the neighborhood at any hour of the day. We feel empowered to lead efforts like foot patrols, neighborhood watch, business watch, and crime prevention through environmental design in order to enhance the neighborhood livability, while also creating a more cohesive and welcoming neighborhood.

Are you interested in getting involved in these important public safety efforts? If so, feel free to connect with us by sending us an email via our contact form.


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