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Montavilla Initiative Organizes Clean-up in Neighborhood

PORTLAND, OR, AUGUST 8, 2018 — On Sunday, August 12, neighbors from the Montavilla neighborhood will pool private resources to clean up City of Portland and ODOT areas impacted by people living in public spaces who dump trash, hazardous waste, and even fuels like propane which have recently started fires in the neighborhood destroying housing and have been a regular issue for the past two years. At 7:30 pm on August 12, following the clean up and a potluck with neighbors in Montavilla Park, representatives from Montavilla Initiative will be available at Montavilla Park to speak with media about the impact that city and ODOT policies are having on the livability of their neighborhood.

  • In the two weeks, we had a stabbing in Montavilla Park between two people camping after-hours, which is a growing issue and there were two fires along I-84 at NE 91st and Hassalo, including one causing major damage to apartments.
  • The City of Portland and ODOT have failed to protect public and private property. Citizens are expected to tolerate property crime, hazardous waste, public use of drugs in parks and other public spaces, camping, and littering in private and public spaces.
  • Police tell us they are confused by messaging from their supervisors and direction from elected officials. This leads them to not clear parks and not take action on crime and they also fear being scapegoated by Mayor Ted Wheeler.
  • The law is not being applied equally. We would like laws to be enforced for all citizens and do not want to be discriminated against in deference to the people living on the streets and the activists that represent them.
  • Neighbors are volunteering and using their own personal resources to do what their tax dollars are supposed to pay for.

We encourage media to attend our press conference on August 12, 2018 at 7:30 PM at the parking lot of Montavilla Park. We also are encouraging representatives of Portland Parks and Recreation, Office of Mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland Police Bureau to attend to publicly address these concerns to the media and neighborhood.

About Montavilla Initiative
Montavilla Initiative is a non-profit organization focused on fostering relationships, community building, and safety initiatives in Montavilla that enhance the quality of life of residents in the neighborhood and beyond.

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Photos of Montavilla Park Conditions for Press:
Needle in Futsal Court
Torniquet Futsal Court
Trash Left by Campers in Futsal Court
Bottle of Urine Left in Montavilla Park / Timbers Futsal Court
Additional Photos on Montavilla Initiative Instagram


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