August Montavilla Clean up

Thank you to the 20 Montavilla neighbors who attended today’s neighborhood clean up at Montavilla Park and the Multi-Use Path between Southeast Glisan and Burnside alongside Highway 205.  Together we picked up a pick up truck full of trash including trash, clothes, and drug paraphernalia including needle syringes, tourniquets and cookers.

A message followed to the Mayor’s office and Portland Police.  Portland Parks and public spaces are for all to enjoy.  They should not be used for camping, littering or drug use.  We want our neighborhood, parks, pathways, streets and sidewalks clean and safe for all Montavilla neighbors.

KOIN Channel 6 reports our day here:


Update: September 11th, 2018.  Today the Multi-use Path looks as bad if not worse than the day of our neighborhood clean up. #enoughisenoughpdx

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