Enough is Enough Portland! #enoughisenoughpdx

Illegal Camping on ODOT Land and the Multi Use Path in Montavilla, and throughout Portland is commonplace.

Our public spaces, parks, residential areas, business districts have become illegal camping spaces.  Have you had enough?  

Enough is Enough PDX is a City-Wide campaign led by neighbors demanding our elected officials at the state, city, and county level respond to the property crime and unacceptable livability issues in neighborhoods across Portland.

We believe as a whole city is not successfully positively impacting the issue at hand, as a matter of fact the current solutions seem to be spending millions of tax dollars and the issue is appears to be increasing. Our city is filthy. Campers move from one place to another following sweeps, only to increase crime in the area they reside.  They leave behind biohazards in our parks, public streets and private property.  We are giving away 1 million needles a month to our addicts via our tax dollars city wide and over 2/3 of those are dispensed in east Portland.  (We only have 2.3 million people here!) We are using our own resources to clean up our streets.  Those identified as “campers” are even allowed to drive in vehicles without license plates anonymously.  Abandon cars are not addressed, filth is left for homes and businesses to content with.  Finally, many of our addicts and criminals in the homeless population are behaving in a predatory manner. The laws are not being applied equally, and our police say their hands are tied.   Response times from 911 and non-emergency calls are often delayed, and some calls regarding incidents with homeless residents are not responded to at all.

Collectively, Portland Police and City Council and Mayor Ted Wheeler are turning a blind eye to crimes that in years past would have resulted in immediate enforcement.  As a whole, some residents have decided this is the new normal for Portland and decided to live with these conditions.

Law enforcement tells us they receive mixed communication from elected officials about the enforcement of laws on the books.  Additionally, the police department is reluctant to enforce laws because of a lack of support from prosecutors who drop charges.  Criminals are let right back out on our streets.

13 year old Isabella MacPherson picks up needles at a Montavilla Initiative clean up Sunday, August 12, 2018.

In Montavilla neighbors are being stolen from daily or burglarized.  

Retaliatory and accidental fires have caught our natural areas and even homes on fire in our neighborhood.

Biohazards, needles, glass, human waste and trash are common in public spaces.  We clean up only to have to do it again in less than a week.  

Violent crime is common among camps. Neighbors aren’t safe to demand campers leave when they are next to their property in city and state land.  In recent months, there have even been neighbors stabbed by campers, as well as campers stabbing other campers.

Rehabilitation for our addicts is insufficient, and resources are poured into “affordable housing” and giving clean needles and regular camp clean ups.  Our city does not have a plan for service resistant homeless, who want to be on the street, use drugs, and steal from those around them.

This situation is untenable and has reached a boiling point. As neighbors and residents of this city, we are launching a long term campaign sending strong message to Portland City Council, Oregon Legislature, ODOT, and Multnomah County –  the status quo cannot and will not continue and #EnoughIsEnoughPDX.

Important Action for Multnomah County Residents:

Have you experienced growing property crime and unacceptable livability conditions in your neighborhood? Do you see the fifth on city sidewalks and roadsides?  Take action and pressure elected officials to change the status quo. You can get involved by participating in one of more of these actions:

  • Use the #enoughisenoughpdx hashtag on social media to share photos and videos of your experience with Portland’s unacceptable livability standards.
  • Attend one of our public awareness events, starting in Montavilla.
  • Download a flyer here Enough is Enough PDX, post it on your block, or share it with friends and neighbors.
  • Share this page via Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook.
  • Subscribe to our email list to be notified about upcoming #enoughisenoughpdx events.
  • Visit the website here: EnoughisEnoughPDX.com

May 4, 2018


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