Remember that time we cleaned up Montavilla Park?

We have recently been contacted by other cities asking about what successes we have had in our community with Montavilla Initiative efforts. . It has allowed us to think about

Last Spring our park was a hub for drug dealing, camping, needles, human waste and trash. Mature trees were being vandalized for fire wood, the porta potty was being used to shoot up drugs, our Futsal court that included donated turf from the Portland Timbers, was a hiding place for drugs activity and camping, the covered picnic area once a place for birthday parties and gatherings was a permanent camping area.

Montavilla neighbors had enough. Even Montavilla Park Community Center employees agreed they needed additional help and resources. Montavilla Initiative petitioned the city and county. We demanded attention in our park. We contacted the press. The city and park rangers responded very soon after allocating resources. Neighbors started doing daily walks at the park at night. Today our park is a place all neighbors can enjoy for leisure.

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