2019 changes to Montavilla Initiative Bylaws


In less than a year, our non-profit is grateful for the experiences and accomplishments we have created together in the Montavilla neighborhood. Our work has contributed to fostering closer neighborhood relationships, uplifting people in need, increasing public safety, providing outlets for community service, and hosting important dialogue with city officials. We are learning and growing as an organization and look forward to making even greater positive impacts in the future.

We don’t believe our work is controversial. Our organization has received more support and encouragement than we could have imagined before we started this endeavor. In contrast, today’s social politics can thrive on sensationalism and adversity, and we have also read slanderous posts and articles about our leadership and members. We recognize that because of these attacks on our efforts that some members, contributors and volunteers have concerns about being targeted unfairly.

For the purposes of privacy, the Montavilla Initiative board of directors have voted unanimously to omit “members” from our organization. This change in designation moves all past “members” to “donors” effective immediately. As such, our donor list is private and will not be shared with other donors or outside parties.

We do not require or expect all neighbors that participate in Montavilla Initiative or it’s events to be active donors. At the same time, we sincerely appreciate financial support to help our efforts in outreach, clean ups, events and marketing. Our suggested annual donations continue to be $25 for individuals, and $50 for companies and organizations. Many of you have been more generous. We thank you all for your support.

Our private donors (previously recognized as “members”) of Montavilla Initiative will be receiving a copy of our current bylaws. If you have questions, concerns, or want to know how to get more involved, you may reach us here.

Each of us have the ability to make a positive impact where we live, and we ask that you join us in our mission to build an exceptional community in Montavilla. We can and will do more.

Montavilla Initiative Board of Directors

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