Community Events

Our community building includes social events that build a stronger sense of connection. We have happy hours, soup socials hosted at neighbor’s homes, picnics in the park.  During the holidays our events include an Easter egg hunt, haunted house and caroling.

Public Safety Assistance

We are happy to help neighbors facilitate neighborhood watches on and around their streets.  We educate neighbors on effective ways to observe and report crime.  We also encourage neighbors to get outside.  Safety walks in your area are a great way to connect with your neighbors, get some exercise and fresh air.  Studies show a visible presence in neighborhoods decreases crime.

Neighborhood Clean ups

We host and organize neighborhood cleanups.  Past clean ups have included Montavilla Park and the Multi-Use Path.  Montavilla Initiative also has current permits for ODOT trash pick up.

Many hands make light work.  To get involved, please contact us.