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The following resources are either provided or curated by Montavilla Initiative for our members and Montavilla Neighbors!

Montavilla Public Safety Facebook Group – This group is managed by Montavilla Initiative and has over 1,000 active neighbors sharing information about public safety and discussing current crime and livability issues. It is an excellent resource to stay informed about crime and livability issues in the Montavilla Neighborhood and often provides real-time information on public safety incidents occurring.

Public Safety and Livability Frequently Used Phone Numbers – This resource provides a comprehensive list of numbers to call for public safety and livability issues and is an informative and useful resource.

PDX Reporter – This online web app allows neighbors to report everything from abandoned autos to homeless camps and is a tool maintained by the City of Portland.

Crime Online Reporting – This online web app allows neighbors to file an online police report for certain incidents and scenarios.

Public Safety Handouts and Guides – This resource is a list of handouts viewable online or printable with tips and information on crime prevention. This information is maintained by the City of Portland.

Portland Bicycle Registration – This web tool allows neighbors to register their vehicles so in the case of theft the bicycle will have a greater chance of being recovered by Portland Police.

Neighborhood Police Contacts:

Neighborhood Response Team is supervised by Sergeant Randy Teig. He is an excellent resource and can be reached via email or phone at and (503) 823-4545. We encourage neighbors to contact his team for chronic ongoing issues or to just share along information that will be useful for his team to know about.

East Precinct Command Staff supervise the supervisors of patrol and other divisions working in our neighborhood. If you feel a police response was not courteous or helpful, it may be useful to share the information with the command staff so they can correct issues to better serve neighbors. Command staff can be reached via email and phone at and (503) 823-4800. Be sure to have as many details as possible when contacting command staff.

Independent Police Review can accept both compliments and complaints and we encourage neighbors to utilize the complaint process if an officer is refusing to assist a neighbor or providing discourteous or rude service. Be sure to have as many details as possible when filing a complaint.

Bureau of Emergency Communications Director is useful to contact when a dispatcher refuses to dispatch assistance and you can reach them via email at but be sure to have the time of the call and number you called from so they can look up the call.